Tradition Since 1939

The beginnings of VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO d.d. go back to 1939, when Franc Bonač built a pulp mill in the village of Videm near Krško, employing 180 locals from the Spodnje Posavje region. VIPAP was the largest integrated paper mill in Slovenia and was leading newsprint paper manufacturer in SE Europe until 2020. VIPAP is in the phase of product restructuring from graphic papers to recycled flexible packaging and recycled brown kraft.

The future is green and paper oriented as packaging

It is more than an evolution, it’s a revolution. VIPAP has a clear commitment to long-term sustainability and respect for the environment. This commitment starts at the very core of our work, our raw material. We work entirely with recovered paper.

Our Values

It is important for us to do right things and do them right with right people. And whatever we do our values is our compass.



We know our business

We understand our business partners needs
We value open communication
We use everything we do for our learning

We are market (solution) oriented

Our future depends on listening and our capability to help to succeed.
We are professionals offering solutions to our business partners
We seek for high quality in product and service .
It is easy to do business with us.

We are responsible for environment

We like to get things done.
We keep our promises
We believe in everybody’s responsibility.
We believe continuous improvement is inseparable part of our business.
We improve our processes and minimising our waste.

We are the team

Safety is our Nr.1 priority.
We trust and respect our colleagues that they are doing the best.
We develop our employees and company culture.
We support pro-activeness, personal responsibility and outstanding performance and create open communication environment.


Sustainable Operation

The concern for the environment and society forms the basis of our activities and our long- term sustainable company policy. In addition to focusing on the production of recycled papers, VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO continuously optimises all technological processes to further reduce the burden on the environment. We maintain good relations both with the employees and the local and broader community in which we operate. This is the only way to provide for sustainable operations and balanced development.

Preserving the Environment

The company has streamlined its use of raw materials, energy products and water, as well as reduced environmental emissions. VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO operates in accordance with an environmental permit, which is a testament to its responsible environmental operations. It also presents our commitment to continue meeting the requirements of the permit, legislation and regulations in all areas of environmental care as well as to keep improving our environmental management. We follow the guidelines of ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management), we have received the OK compost INDUSTRIAL certificate and implemented the FSC® (FSC® C117321) product groups control system according to the Forest Stewardship Council® certification system (traceability of wood or forest products for responsible forest management).

Look for our FSC® certified products

Monitoring the Impact of Our Activities

We continuously monitor and evaluate how our activities affect the environment from all aspects: water, air, waste management, radiation and hazardous substances management as well as efficiency of use of water, energy, raw materials and natural resources. We keep track of breakthroughs and developments in the industry and implement the best solutions in our processes. We monitor the characteristics of products through all phases of production and use these findings to upgrade processes and production lines with environmental and technological enhancements.


VIPAP’s annual output capacity is 180,000 tonnes of recycled fibres, made from recovered paper, and 50,000 tonnes of groundwood pulp. Our three paper machines make 200,000 tonnes of papers a year.

Integrated Paper and Pulp Manufacture

Paper manufacture in Krško began in 1955 with the launch of the first paper machine. VIPAP is nowadays an integrated pulp and paper mill and the company has made extensive investments in modernising the manufacturing process. Our entire production line is automated and utilises state-of-the-art information technology for monitoring the technological process as well as the interim and final product quality.

Paper Recycling

Every tonne of recycled paper means saving approximately three cubic metres of wood. This is why a sustainable use of waste raw materials forms a natural part of our manufacturing process. All our papers are manufactured mainly from recycled fibres combined in various ratios with mechanical pulp and purchased bleached chemical pulp. We get our basic raw material for paper manufacture (recovered paper) from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, France, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Serbia; to a lesser extent we also purchase wood for producing mechanical pulp in the same markets. Because we use around 600 tonnes of recovered paper a day to produce recycled pulp, we save 1,800 cubic metres of wood daily.

Groundwood Pulp Manufacture

We use fresh spruce wood for groundwood pulp manufacture. The technological process begins with the best possible preparation of the wood (cleaning and sorting). This is followed by wood grinding, coarse screening of the produced pulp, thickening and processing by additional mechanical treatment, and then the groundwood pulp is used for newsprint manufacture. The groundwood for manufacture of graphic recycled papers is also bleached.


VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO d.d. is a manufacturer of newsprint, coated graphic paper and wrapping/packaging paper. As a basic raw material we mainly use recycled fibres obtained from recovered paper in deinking process. We produce up to 120,000 tons of standard and improved newsprint and up to 90,000 tons of graphic and wrapping/packaging paper on three paper machines.

Forest Stewardship Council®

We have obtained the FSC® certificate for the entire range of our paper grades, with which we commit to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economical management of global forests and avoid unacceptable forestry practices and violations of the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council certification scheme.


Our wrapping/packaging papers are made mostly from recycled fibres, some also in combination with bleached kraft sulphate pulp and groundwood. Based on analyses and the compliance with the European regulations, we received the ISEGA certificate for most of these papers, which confirms their suitability for food packaging, i.e. for direct contact with dry, non-fatty foods, with fatty foods with restrictions, and with foods that are peeled, shelled or washed before consumption. They can also be used for secondary packaging. Contact your local supplier for details.