Tradition Since 1939
The beginnings of VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO d.d. go back to 1939, when Franc Bonač built a pulp mill in the village of Videm near Krško, employing 180 locals from the Spodnje Posavje region. Today VIPAP is the largest paper mill in Slovenia and a leading newsprint manufacturer in SE Europe. Its added value stems from using perfected technological processes in pulp and paper production, ensuring comprehensive and quality solutions for its customers, and operating in coexistence with nature and society.

Technologically Advanced Processes
Between 1997 and 2015 the company invested more than EUR 150 million in modernising technological processes and making them less of a burden on the environment. At the same time it increased the total production of pulp and paper to 440,000 tonnes a year. That was the most comprehensive investment cycle in the company’s history which has allowed VIPAP to compete successfully with companies in Europe and worldwide.

The Future is Green
VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO is future-oriented and committed to continuous development. We are fully aware that the future depends on the development and manufacture of environmentally-friendly products and the use of environmentally-sound technologies. This is why we carried out numerous upgrades in the last 15 years and, in 2006, switched mainly to the production of recycled paper in accordance with our environmentally-friendly vision. We plan our investments carefully in order to preserve natural resources. Our mission today is the manufacture and marketing of quality papers made from recycled fibres in combination with groundwood and sulphate pulp.

Development Vision
The strategy and vision of VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO is to continue strengthening its position of a leading producer of newsprint, graphic and wrapping/packaging papers on the SE European markets and maintaining an adequate market share in EU countries. In doing so, we are focused on environmentally-friendly technologies and encourage innovative ideas in the field. We shall fulfil our vision through in-house knowledge, development and work excellence.

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